marketing programs

for entrepreneurs

Startup programs bring an experienced marketing perspective along with feedback from other like-minded business owners to important conversations about your company's brand, goals, growth strategies and vision for the future. The Startup concept began in 2015 as an impromptu marketing workshop and has evolved into a powerful set of programs that have positively impacted more than seventy different companies throughout the Midwest.

startup bootcamp
startup reinvention

“Startup Bootcamp connected me to a network of other like-minded entrepreneurs that I could grow with and learn from.”

Toni Koch, founder of Rejuvenate Salon & Spa, New London, MN

“Startup Bootcamp paved the way for us to think more about why we are unique and why our brand sells.”

Tobias Flood & Mark Eiden, founders of Metal Trade Solutions, Winsted, MN


“Startup Reinvention helped me be better as a business owner which is something I strive to do every day.”

Donnie Schoenrock, owner of Kat's Hog Heaven, Jackson, MN

“Startup Bootcamp gave me the confidence in taking the next step to grow my business.”

Janey Oberg, founders of Designs by Jane, Hutchinson, MN


“Startup Reinvention inspired so many great conversations between my business partner and myself. With the help of Betsy, her team, and the wonderful collaboration with fellow business owners, we were able to finally establish a more meaningful why for our company.”

Kayla & Valerie, founders of Compass Occasions, Hutchinson, MN

“I was hesitant about the amount of time that Startup Reinvention was asking of me during our busiest season but it was worth making the commitment.”

Morgan Baum, owner of Clay Coyote, Hutchinson, MN


“Startup Bootcamp gave me the opportunity to take a step back and see my business in a whole new way.”

Jennifer Blum, founder of Synergy Sleep Health, St. Cloud, MN