Hiring + Passion: 7 Years In

Claire Meyers + Heather Koffler | VantagePoint Marketing

“Our real passion lies in helping communities in our region. More and more, cities and counties are seeing that they have to do something to market themselves and tell the story of their area.”

Claire + Heather started VantagePoint, their full-service marketing agency in Morton, MN nearly 7 years ago. They went through bootcamp last year to spend some focused time thinking strategically about how they wanted their business to grow and how they wanted to market their own marketing agency. (Yes, a classic case of the painter’s house is never painted.)

One of our biggest takeaways from our conversation with Heather + Claire:
It’s never too late to take a step back from your business and figure out if you’re actually doing the work you want to do, with the people (clients) you want to do it for. When these two went through bootcamp, I remember the lightbulbs really going off when we covered Target Market / Ideal Client.

Since then, they’ve really been working on identifying who and what that ideal client looks like, and how that feeds their “why.” A great exercise for any business owner!

Watch our interview with Claire + Heather to learn more!