the story

Startup was founded by Redstar, a creative agency with a thirty-year history serving clients in the Midwest. In 2015, owner Betsy Bonnema fulfilled her dream of opening a coworking space in Willmar, Minnesota. It was a home for her agency and a shared workspace for collaboration with other entrepreneurs, creatives and businesses. While in that space, Betsy began helping entrepreneurs with their marketing in a completely unique, collaborative way. She called the process Startup Bootcamp and over time it inspired a growing list of program options that have now helped over one hundred entrepreneurs and business owners join a community of like-minded peers, strengthen their brands and establish their marketing strategies. 

When COVID hit, Betsy made the difficult decision to close her coworking space, but faced the challenges of the pandemic head-on by creating a completely unique program called Startup Reinvention. It was designed to help small businesses work together to re-engineer their business models, brands and marketing strategies to be successful in our changing world. Since it was started in 2020, over thirty businesses have completed the ten week workshop.

Startup programs are designed to serve entrepreneurs and small businesses in the rural Midwest. To hear their stories, subscribe to our Startup podcast called Lost & Found.


the mission

To help


help each other

the why

We believe in the
power of community

and collaboration