startup bootcamp

If you're a startup or entrepreneurial company, great marketing is pivotal to your success. But great marketing starts with you - your vision, your goals, your dream. Join our Startup Bootcamp and get clear about where you're headed and what kind of strategies it will take to get there. We use a custom designed process built on over 30 years of marketing experience and a passion for collaboration.


the take-aways

  • Deep understanding of your company "why"
  • Clarity about the customer problem you are solving
  • Three-year business roadmap to help you plan your marketing strategies
  • Understanding of how brands are built and used to create a customer experience
  • Detailed understanding of your company's brand values & promise
  • Clarity about the specific type of customers or clients you need to target
  • Development of customized branding and marketing strategies
  • Professional insight and collaborative feedback

the format

Our Bootcamp pairs you with 2-3 other entrepreneurs or companies. This collaborative format is the magic that makes startup unlike anything else out there. The diversity of industry, life experience and business knowledge in the room leads to great conversations and provides valuable outside perspective.

More Details:

  • Day One: 4-hour online collaborative session
  • Day Two: Full day in-person collaborative session
  • Total Cost: $2,250 per business

January 2023

Weekend  |  Fri. - Sat.  |  1.27 - 1.28
Facilitators: redstar
Willmar, MN

March 2023

Weekend  |  Fri. - Sat.  |  3.24 - 3.25
Facilitators: redstar
Willmar, MN

May 2023

Weekend  |  Fri. - Sat.  |  5.26 - 5.27
Facilitators: redstar
Willmar, MN

the facilitators

Betsy Bonnema
Startup Bootcamps were developed by Betsy Bonnema, a veteran entrepreneur who started Redstar and two additional businesses. She loves her work and has over 25 years of experience helping companies build successful marketing programs. The Startup concept was fueled by Betsy's passion for collaboration and love for creating unique educational events for clients and the community, something she's been doing throughout her career.


VantagePoint Marketing Consultants
Claire Meyers
Claire is an entrepreneur and marketing consultant. She has spent over 15 years in sales and marketing working with businesses and non-profits to help them tell their story. She has a passion for development, engagement and collaboration. In 2015, she co-founded VantagePoint Marketing Consultants.
Heather Koffler
Heather is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses, non-profits and other entities engage their followers and reach their goals. She has a bachelor's degree in marketing and co-founded VantagePoint Marketing Consultants in 2015.