the lost & found podcast

This podcast was created to capture the journey of entrepreneurs and small business owners who participate in our collaborative Startup programs. They come to us feeling lost - sometimes because they are overwhelmed or stuck, but usually because they have disconnected (often unknowingly) from the reason they started or took over the business in the first place. Through the workshops, we help them fall back in love with their business and find a renewed passion for their work. And they do. And that changes everything.

These are their stories.



Betsy Bonnema
Podcast Host
Startup Founder & Facilitator 
Owner of Redstar 

episode #5

Metal Trade Solutions

Tobias Flood and Mark Eiden are "just a couple young guys that love cutting, grinding and welding metal" according to their Facebook page! They are actually savvy business partners who are changing the culture of their industry because they believe "creativity belongs in manufacturing."  We got to know them at a 2019 Bootcamp and have watched their business grow and evolve in exciting ways. Learn how these young, ambitious entrepreneurs have made it this far and are planning for continued growth.


Tobias Flood & Mark Eiden
Owners of Metal Trade Solutions
Metal Working Job Shop
Winsted, MN


episode #4

Clay Coyote and Compass Occasions

We got to know these two businesses through a Startup Reinvention program in the fall of 2020. At that time, they were experiencing a second wave of COVID shutdowns with uncertainty swirling everywhere. In true entrepreneurial fashion, both businesses had bravely made significant changes to their businesses in the midst of the pandemic. Clay Coyote had relocated and opened their new gallery in downtown Hutchinson, while Compass Occasions had remodeled and opened a new event space just a few blocks away. Listen to our conversation to hear how these dedicated business owners managed through those challenges and came out the other side with more resilience and clarity. 


Morgan Baum
Owner of Clay Coyote
Gallery & Pottery
Hutchinson, MN



Kayla Alexander & Valerie Mackenthun
Owners of Compass Occasions
Hutchinson, MN


episode #3

Children of the Promise and Dream Technical Academy

At a recent Startup Bootcamp, we did a deep dive into the stories of two organizations in Willmar that are making a big impact on the lives of others. In this episode, we'll hear from Jamie Groen, Executive Director of Children of the Promise. His organization raises money in the U.S. to support programming in Haiti that strengthens families and keeps kids from being orphaned or abandoned. He is joined by Tammie Knick, a licensed social worker and co-founder of Dream Technical Academy, a public charter school in Willmar, MN. Her school provides kids in our area who aren't getting what they need from a traditional school setting a place to belong and thrive. Hear how these two organizations helped each other get clear and re-energized around telling their stories.


Jamie Groen
Executive Director
Children of the Promise
Willmar, MN & Haiti



Tammie Knick
Social Worker & Co-founder
Dream Technical Academy
Willmar, MN


episode #2

Bluenose Gopher Public House, Painted Prairie Vineyard, and Forbidden Barrel Brewing Company

This episode brought together a unique group with similar business types but very different business models. One was a cooperative pub, one was a destination winery and one was a brewery. All three had just opened (or re-opened) in 2019 and were gaining some great momentum when COVID hit. Learn how they faced the marketing and business challenges of not only starting up, but working through a global pandemic, then coming out the other side with a renewed commitment to their businesses. We were missing voices from Take 16 Brewing Company who was also part of our Reinvention Workshop. 


Melissa Peterson
Chair of Bluenose Gopher Public House
Granite Falls, MN



Andy & Krista Kopperud
Owners of Painted Prairie
Currie, MN



Brent Droll
Owner of Forbidden Barrel Brewing Company
Worthington, MN 


episode #1

Kat's Hog Heaven, Waverly Cafe & The Stonehouse & Quarry

This episode was full of energy & passion. These three business owners are all in the restaurant industry and were all working through the challenges of COVID during our Startup Reinvention Workshop. Hear how they faced challenges, collaborated, and came out the other side with renewed passion, and in some cases, a whole new brand. We were missing the voice of Anne Kells of After Five Supper Club, who was also part of our workshop group! 


Donnie Schoenrock
Owner of Kat's Hog Heaven
Jackson, MN


Sarah Larson
Owner of Waverly Cafe
Waverly, MN


JoAnn Arbach
Owner of Stonehouse & Quarry
Pipestone, MN 


Inside the programs that fuel our stories

This podcast is a labor of love coming out of our Startup workshop experiences. In this special episode, Jenna Thorson interviews Betsy Bonnema to learn more about the origins of Startup and the concept for this podcast. Betsy shares her belief that small businesses in rural Minnesota are the lifeblood or our communities and the unsung heroes of today's challenging times. Through Lost & Found, we hope you enjoy hearing from these brave, passionate people as much as we did witnessing and gathering their stories.

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