startup bootcamp: 
product innovation

Friday & Saturday, January 10 - 11, 2020  |  8am - 5pm

As a startup or entrepreneurial business, creating innovative products to exceed your customer's expectations is pivotal to your success. Done right, product innovation is inspired by an unmet need, fueled by market demand and guided by a well-crafted business case. It requires iterating early and often, gathering critical market insights along the way and constantly honing your strategic business case in order to ensure a successful product launch. Join our intense, hands-on product innovation bootcamp created by DI Labs and Redstar to apply the steps required and the strategies it will take to get your innovation into the marketplace. We use a custom-designed product development process built on over 40 years of engineering and marketing experience and infused with a passion for collaboration.

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the take-aways

  • Staged product innovation roadmap to help plan your development and launch process
  • Working plan to get customer insights, gauge market demand and determine price point
  • Foundation for your go-to-market strategy
  • Understanding of the patent process and how it might apply to your product
  • Mulit-faceted three-year business roadmap 
  • Roadmap for aligned product and brand development
  • Clarity about the market and customers you are targeting
  • Understanding of the customer experience you are creating
  • Professional marketing direction and feedback
  • Collaborative insight and feedback from other product innovators like you!

the format

This unique bootcamp experience pairs you with 2-3 other entrepreneurs or companies that are also embarking on a new product innovation process. Our collaborative format, which encourages participants to share, ask questions and provide feedback, is the magic that makes this workshop unlike anything else out there. The diversity of industry, life experience and business knowledge represented in each Startup Bootcamp not only leads to great conversations, but provides the valuable outside perspective your business needs.

Startup Bootcamp includes 16 hours of facilitated, collaborative time at Workup, a coworking space that is designed to inspire, and DI Labs, a product innovation lab that is equipped with some of the industry's latest design and prototyping technology. There will be homework between sessions, meals provided and all of the coffee you can drink!

the price

Our price covers 2-3 people per participating team. A light breakfast, lunch, beverages and snacks are provided! We have 4 spots available so register early to save your place. 

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per team of 2-3 people


the facilitators

Betsy Bonnema
The original Startup Bootcamp program was created by Betsy Bonnema, a veteran entrepreneur who founded both Redstar, a marketing agency started in 1990, and Workup, a coworking space started in 2015. Betsy loves her work and has over 28 years of experience helping companies build successful marketing programs. Startup is fueled by Betsy's passion for collaboration and love for creating unique educational events for clients and the community, something she's been doing throughout her career.


Carl Douglass, PE, MBA
Carl is an experienced business person and Professional Engineer. He has over 15 patents and has launched dozens of products ranging from physical goods to software. Carl has a passion for learning and innovation which has inspired him to develop a proprietary process to lead businesses through new product development in a strategic, focused and successful manner. He wants to share that process with entrepreneurial companies at the start of their product innovation planning in order to help them be successful.


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