startup reinvention

Startup Reinvention is a 10-week workshop for small business owners in the rural Midwest. The concept was inspired by Startup Bootcamp and born out of a need for our coworking space, Workup, to transform into something new after permanently closing our physical location last April due to COVID-19. We had been a place for entrepreneurs to find community and feel supported, and we needed a new way to carry on that mission. Startup Reinvention was designed to lead small business owners through a hands-on collaborative process to help them navigate today's challenging circumstances and create a new vision for the future of their businesses. The world is changing and having a mindset of reinvention is critical to our success.


tools & schedule


Startup Reinvention sessions are done completely online until the final week, which is hopefully in-person at a safe space. The process starts with an individual pre-meeting with facilitator, Betsy Bonnema, and delivery of a Startup Box, shown on the left. It has everything you'll need to participate, including a Chromebook which has been set up with customized communication tools.


  • Collaborative: 3 - 4 companies per workshop, 1 - 2 participants per company
  • Cost Per Company: $4,500

Time Commitment:

  • Weekly Online Sessions: Group discussion for 2 hours each week 
  • Weekly Homework: 1.5 - 3 hours of homework between sessions

Schedule of Topics:

  • Week One: Individual Premeeting
  • Week Two: Getting to Know
  • Week Three: Hard Questions
  • Week Four: The New Normal
  • Week Five: Customer Evolution
  • Week Six: Business Models
  • Week Seven: Perspective Shift
  • Week Eight: Necessary Research
  • Week Nine: Selling the Plan
  • Week Ten: Brand Refresh
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participant feedback


"The homework was very manageable. What we put in compared to and what we got out was exponential. The feedback and evaluating each other's businesses was invaluable." 


"This has given us confidence in the possibilities. Saying our ideas out load and having people who you respect give feedback was incredible."


"This workshop made it OK to hit stop, sit down, absorb it (COVID) and think about our business. During these times, we thought, "we just gotta ride it out," but no, we don't have to. We can make it better for ourselves and for business. It seems more possible now." 


"When we started this workshop, the biggest thing was being able to get back to where we came from, our true mission. It really helped us sit down and hash it out."


"Just going through this whole process has given me an opportunity and tools to communicate my intentions to my family and other people. Without the method that was laid out for us, I could not have sorted out the chaos in my head."


"It's four hours a week for eight weeks and it might save your business, it might save yourself and I think that's huge."


"Betsy has a knack for gently pushing people. She's so connected but also so committed to stretching people. She can get people out of a rut and get us outside of our comfort zone."


"Betsy's experience over the course of her career and how she was able to weave those stories into the sessions gave us confidence that the advice she was giving was good. She knows what she's talking about."